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Small Matki Shapped Electric Burner


Small matki shaped electric burner with 30ml aroma oil.

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The electric burner features a user-friendly design, making it safe and efficient. Simply place your favorite scented wax melts in the dish, plug it in, and let the gentle heat release a captivating aroma into your surroundings.

The Small Matki Shaped Electric Burner is not just a fragrance diffuser; it’s a decor piece that blends old-world charm with modern functionality. Experience the soothing embrace of your preferred scents as they fill the air, creating a serene atmosphere.

Additional information

Dimensions 4.5 × 5 cm

Apple Cinnamon, Coffee, Jasmine, Lavender, Lemongrass, Mandarin, Oud & Amber, Rose, Strawberry


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