Porcelain Diffuser


Porcelain Diffuser  by DSK Decor

  • 60ml oil
  • Bunch of 8reeds
  • (2flower, 2 spiral and 4 plain reeds).
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The innovative design of our Porcelain Diffuser ensures optimal diffusion of the fragrance. The porous nature of the porcelain material allows for the aroma oil to be absorbed and released gradually, providing a consistent and delightful scent that lingers throughout your space.

Setting up our Porcelain Diffuser is effortless. Simply pour the aroma oil into the diffuser, insert the reeds, and let the enchanting scents transform your surroundings. The diffuser comes with a set of high-quality reeds that effectively disperse the fragrance, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere.

Not only is our Porcelain Diffuser a beautiful addition to your decor, but it is also eco-friendly. Made with sustainable materials and non-toxic ingredients, it ensures a safe and environmentally conscious choice for your well-being and the planet.

Dimensions 2 × 4 cm


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